PACAS-20 to control COVID 19

FS&TTS have been commissioned to create a possible solution to control COVID 19.

In collaboration with its permanent team of technicians and closely relationship with European authorities, took FS&TTS the challenge up of developing a tool that allows people to determine for themselves whether they have possibly contacted the virus.




The most important starting point in finding a solution to controlling COVID 19 is early detection of a risky contact with a possible carrier of the COVID 19  to observe.


Many people find it difficult to adhere to the imposed rules.

However, people who do respect the regulations are really looking for a solution to control COVID 19 and this solution makes use particularly simple.


The most important conditions in the development were that the application should be accessible to everyone, easy to use, and will also guarantee anonymity and privacy when used.

We are therefore proud to have developed a personal and anonymous monitoring system called PACAS-20:
This allows every single user to determine at the earliest stage whether there has been contact with a possible virus carrier.


PACAS-20 records immediately, with the results instantly available.  There is no need to wait for a digital message via an APP or a telephone message from a competent authority.  Detecting a potential contamination is therefore possible many days earlier than is usually expected.


PACAS-20 guarantees anonymity and privacy.  It does not use an APP and personal data is not collected.


PACAS-20 is inclusive and therefore intended for every age category or target group.


PACAS-20 is not visible to others and is easy to use.  No use of flashy bracelets.


PACAS-20 allows users to move freely among themselves which will also benefit well-being and economy.  Naturally, local regulations must be observed.


The choice of applicability of PACAS-20 has been submitted to various national government agencies for assessment.